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The carmel coast is known as one of the most magnificieant coasts in israel, and some would say in the world, with beautiful naural islands, bays, lagoons, corals reefs, soft white sand and terquise colored ocean. it is home to many animal species such as sea turtules dolfins, mediteranian fish, seagals and many other. Enjoy israeli nature and its finest.


The Carmel Beach Tourism Association brings together on its website all the important activities and sites throughout Carmel.... Itineraries, diverse attractions, archaeological sites, wineries, agricultural tourism and farmyards, horse farms, artists and art galleries. Hotels, rural accommodation and restaurants and more... It is recommended to keep up to date on the website with the various activities and attractions throughout the year.

Carmel Beach Marine Center

The Carmel Beach Marine Center located at Dor Beach holds a variety of beach activities during and outside the season, including: ... windsurfers and snorkel masks for diving)
• Equipment rental: (kayaks, SUP, surfboards, • Personal training and courses: SUP, wave surfing, windsurfing.
• Rowing groups and SUP: a fun training program for regular weekly group activities.
• Groups: 10-50 people.
To coordinate please call: 054-244763

Dor’s Stables

Dor’s Stables are in Moshav Dor, the farm has a large variety of activities. Enjoy horseback riding at sunrise or sunset ... along the: beautiful romantic beaches of the Carmel beach surrounded by magnificent cliffs, fishponds and a breathtaking view. Suitable for families, groups, and couples. Ride duration from 1 hour to a full day. Full day events for groups, romantic riding for couples with catering options.
Call us at: 054-3544-325

Son’s of DOR

The Son’s Reserve offers a lovely hiking route on the Carmel coastline. The nature reserve is rare in its beauty possessing ...Magnificat bays,lagoons and islands. The hiking route is marked by the Nature and Parks Authority and you can observe fascinating natural phenomena, a bay of shells, the "Blue Cave", geysers, a sunken ship, flocks of birds during the migration season and baby turtle The path leads to the remains of Tel Dor - the remains of a city from the Phoenician, Hellenistic and Phoenician periods which is mentioned in the Bible as one of King Solomon's capitals.

Alona ‘s Park

A unique archaeological site that takes you back in time to the Byzantine Roman period. A fascinating, system of shafts,... part of an ancient water plant that was established in the area in order to provide an adequate response to the growing need for drinking water and water for agriculture, as a result of the significant increase in the population of the city of Caesarea during the Roman period. The site offers a fascinating journey inside an illuminated tunnel: in water about 1/2 meter deep. To coordinate a trip please call: 04-6388622


The oldest skydiving club in Israel offers you an unforgettable experience. An introductory skydive with a senior guide over ... one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world – Bonim coast. Skydiving from the highest point in the country, one can enjoy a whole minute of free fall, and another five minutes of dreamlike floating with the parachute. Take a skydiving course and enjoy skydiving demonstrations on weekends and holidays. The club is also active during the week, skydiving by prior arrangement.
For details: 1-700-70-20-24

Maayan Zvi fishing park

At the foot of mount Carmel, just in front of Zichron Ya'akov near the beach, between the fishponds, the wonderful piece... of nature exist. The place is a quiet corner between fishponds, at the estuary of Nahal Dalia, on the banks of a natural lake where springs flow all year round, a variety of pond fish, waterfowl and rich and unique vegetation. The "fishing park" includes lawns, palm trees and aquatic plants, barbecues, hammocks and an ancient flour mill. And offers a fun outing in nature for the family and a variety of attractions for children. Nature trips, fishing, boating, games.
Open hours: 08:30 to 17:00
For details, directions and orders please contact: 050-7566600, 054-4440379, 04-6391603

The Glass of Museum

Located in kibbutz Nachsholim, a spectacular and unusual display of underwater archaeological finds from... different periods from "Tel Dor", in a building established in 1891 by Baron Rothschild as a factory for glass bottles. On display: parts of ships that sank and on their decks ancient urns, metal tools, treasures and coins, ancient statues, Cannons from the days of Napoleon and anchors found at sea. Mosaics, pottery, ancient seals, weapons and many other antiquities found in Tel Dor are presented in the museum in a fascinating and direct way.
For more details please contact : 04-6390950

Amphora Winery

Located in the heart of the Western Carmel, one of the oldest wine regions in Israel and in the whole world. The Carmel area was ... one of the most important wine growing and production centers in the Byzantine period. Amphora Winery was established in 2000 by Guy Rilov and winemaker Gil Schatzberg. Wine production was initially done in a shed on an indoor farm. Today, the winery is housed in an impressive and spacious stone building that was erected near the entrance to the indoor farm. The new and beautiful building houses the wine production area as well as the winery's eye-opening visitor center. The winery and the farm are pioneers in the use of ecological processes currently applied in wine production, and their involvement in energy saving moves and the reduction of environmental pollution will increase in the future. All this is done without compromising on the high quality values.
Visitor Center opening hours Sunday to Saturday 10:00-17:00
For a tasting tour and refreshments: 077-2306324

Tishbi Winery

The visitor center of Tashvi Wineries is located on a scenic and winding road that goes up from Binyamina to Zichron Ya'akov... and overlooks the vineyards of the winery. The center inspires a rural atmosphere and a feeling of warm welcome. In the center is a shop offering a large variety of Tashbi wine, wine related products, wine jam, olive oil, chocolate and spices of the BBQ GARAGE winery brand. Also located at the Vineyard a VIP meeting room with a screen & projector suitable for conferences. The visitor center offers wine and chocolate tasting as well as jeep tours and wine tasting in the vineyards.
The tastings take place on Sundays at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00 (must be arranged in advance) The jeep tours will take place by appointment only.
Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday 08:00-16:00 Friday 08:00-15:00 For more information and to coordinate: the winery offices 04-6380434

The Wine Culture Center of Carmel

A unique and exciting wine experience. where you can experience the world of wine in the place where the Israeli wine industry... was born and built a hundred and twenty years ago, where the quality revolution of Israeli wine has been taking place in recent years. . Guided and professional wine tasting tour.
Hours of operation: -
Sunday - Thursday - 9:30 - 17:00, Friday 9:00 - 13:00
For coordination: 04-6391788

Zichron Yaakov

The settlement Zichron Ya'akov - located on a mountain in front of the sea in a rural and unique atmosphere, spectacular views,... maintains its authentic character and beauty from the early days of the settlement. Zichron Ya'akov offers its visitors a variety of tours of historical sites, museums, wineries, Ramat Hanadiv Park, and more Founders Street located in the heart of the colony, the restored pedestrian street "Derech Hayin" offers a variety of galleries, cafes, restaurants, artisan workshops, farmers' yards and more.


Caesarea is a magical place, a rare combination of sea, antiquities and history, a visit to the port in the old city, a tour of the... hippodrome and amphitheater, a visit to representatives of "time travel", a trip between artist galleries, a variety of restaurants, cultural events in the summer.

Ein Hod Artisan Village

On the top of Mount Carmel, in the heart of a beautiful nature reserve that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea,... lies the artist village of “Ein Hod” - a unique place of its kind in Israel, where a vibrant community of artists has lived for decades: painters, sculptors, musicians, actors, craftsmen and designers. Everyone lives and creates in one corner The most beautiful Hamad in Israel, between the mountain and the sea.Various performances are also held at the Ein Hod Amphitheatre.